Wanted: Qualified librarians. Must be good with horses.

The people of the Eastern Kentucky mountains had been hit hard by the Depression, and many of them had little connection to the outside world.  This project brought in librarians from around the state and charged them with establishing routine library services in the remotest of towns.  Though many were skeptical of the program at first, demand for books and magazines could barely keep up with demand; further, the librarians also brought news, comfort, and contact to a struggling people.


Here we see a full outfit of the horseback librarians in one town.  They often began their day by loading up books before dawn and would return just before dusk.  They were paid $28 a month and worked in both winter and summer.

More story and photos: The Amazing Story of Kentucky’s Horseback Librarians


One comment on “Wanted: Qualified librarians. Must be good with horses.

  1. Bia says:

    Omg! That’s pretty cool!
    I love how all through history people/librarians always thrived to get information and knowledge to people.
    It’s so inspiring

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