Saving the Classics with Skullduggery

SORRENTO — Chuck Finley appears to be a voracious reader, having checked out 2,361 books at the East Lake County Library in a nine-month period this year.

But Finley didn’t read a single one of the books, ranging from “Cannery Row” by John Steinbeck to a kids book called “Why Do My Ears Pop?” by Ann Fullick. That’s because Finley isn’t real.

The fictional character was concocted by two employees at the library, complete with a false address and drivers license number.

After allegations by an unidentified person made in November, an investigation by the Lake County clerk of courts’ inspector general’s office concluded that Finley was a fake, and the county has since requested a systemwide audit of its libraries.

The goal behind the creation of “Chuck Finley” was to make sure certain books stayed on the shelves — books that aren’t used for a long period can be discarded and removed from the library system.

George Dore, the library’s branch supervisor who was put on administrative leave for his part in the episode, said he wanted to avoid having to later repurchase books purged from the shelf. He said the same thing is being done at other libraries, too.

To save books, librarians create fake ‘reader’ to check out titles – Orlando Sentinel

Kudos to librarians for resisting our algorithmic overlords!


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  1. kcecelia says:

    This means those of us with library cards need to check out classics to keep them on the shelves. I wonder if we can aid our librarians with this in an organized way. We need a master list of endangered titles. I’m uncertain how much this would vary by library. I do think it’s important.

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