People of the Book: Bookish Ambition

I’m not ambitious in the traditional sense. I don’t want a big house or a big bank account; I don’t give a rat’s about those things. I don’t want to be the boss of anything or manage anyone but myself. But I do take a lot of pleasure in surprising my stuffy old colleagues by publishing something they don’t know. I just love to move the ball forward, even if it’s only a millimeter, in the great human quest to figure it all out.

Geraldine Brooks, People of the Book

I just started this novel but I think it has to be a must read by anyone who loves books. The narrator is a book conservator trying to uncover the secrets of the famous (and endangered) Sarajevo Haggadah in the tense aftermath of the war in Bosnia. It’s a tricky thing reading a novel based on such recent history. I’ll have to read more about the book itself to find out what is truth and what is fiction.


3 comments on “People of the Book: Bookish Ambition

  1. Got it! Will read it as soon as I finish what I am reading now. Then I can discuss it with you!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I am currently reading her book Year of Wonders for a class but I have People of the Book on my shelf and plan to read it sometime!

  3. Great quote from Geraldine Brooks. Really resonate with it. As long as I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table, I’m quite content. Just give me a quiet room and a good book to read and I’ll be really happy…


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