In case you don’t finish your TBR pile…

…there’s always the afterlife.

From “208 OSEOsidades” by Saúl Hernández, Guadalajara, México. Click image for more.

I thought this was an appropriate image for the Day of the Dead. In Mexico there is a tradition of making dioramas of skeletons doing everyday activities as part of celebrating the Day of the Dead. I once saw one depicting a skeleton getting dental work (with skeleton dentist and nurse), which is obviously more important for maintaining a nice appearance than for those of us with faces. It is not considered macabre or morbid, but a light-hearted way to deal with mortality and to feel like those who have passed are still with us. This sculpture comes from an exhibition of 21 bronze skeletons engaged in various pastimes, some ordinary (and earthy) and others mythical. Click on the image to see the rest of the exhibition. An artist bio (in Spanish) is here.

4 comments on “In case you don’t finish your TBR pile…

  1. vishnevats says:

    That’s what I still want to do after I’m dead. Seriously, the artist’s sculptures are amazing.

  2. Grad says:

    I love this fellow! I have a skeleton that shares my office with me. We used him as “demonstrative evidence” at a trial a couple of decades ago, and I sort of inherited him. I named him Napoleon Bony-Parts (I posted a picture of him not too long ago on my blog.) He came home with me this Halloween to help scare the bejeezus out of the kiddies (they loved it, but Nappy was none too pleased with being made to stand with that dopey sign I made him hold. “You Have To Say The Words Or You Don’t Get The Loot.” ) Kids seem to be just so lazy these days… they just march up to the door and stick out their sacks without bothering to say “Trick or Treat” and expect chocolate to rain down from above. So I put my foot down this year. P.S. Nappy is also an avid reader, just like this fine fellow.

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