It’s raining poems in London

Chilean art collective Casagrande has “bombed” five cities over that last 11 years with poems dropped from aircraft and yesterday it was London’s turn. They choose cities that have been bombed in wars past, and this artistic bombing is intended as a remembrance of the past and a celebration of the survival of people and culture in spite of violence.

They also use the event to promote contemporary poetry, both from Chile and from the countries they are “bombing.” The poems are printed in two languages on bookmarks, and according to Casagrande, not a single one is left behind after these events. For the London “Rain of Poems” they have chosen poems from all of the countries participating in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. One hundred thousand poems were dropped in the vicinity of the London Eye at dusk on Tuesday, and judging by the news reports it was another roaring success.


4 comments on “It’s raining poems in London

  1. Stefanie says:

    That is so cool!

  2. Great idea! Using poetry to promote peace. I wish they’ll “bomb” more cities… 🙂

    ~ Matt

  3. Brian Joseph says:

    What a great idea! It did make me think of propaganda leaflets that sometimes get dropped in wartime. Obvious the purpose here is somewhat diametrically opposed to that. I wonder if that was partially the inspiration for this idea.

    • Sylvia says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t also an inspiration for their work. In one interview they said that they don’t necessarily agree with every poem they drop but they believe in freedom of speech so they want to include as many different viewpoints as possible. That is certainly the opposite of propaganda!

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