Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East

The reference library, where my thoughts were to rage.
I ate book after book, page after page.
I scoffed poetry for breakfast and novels for tea.
And plays for my supper. No more poverty.
Welcome young poet, in here you are free
to follow your star to where you should be.

That door of the library was the door into me

And Lorca and Shelley said “Come to the feast.”
Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East.

—Bernard Kops, from Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East

via Writing London


6 comments on “Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East

  1. Stefanie says:

    Most excellent poem!

  2. A great tribute to the value of libraries!

    ~ Matt

  3. Tom says:

    Love this, thanks!

    Had trouble posting comments in Safari for a long time now. Think I’ve got it fixed. Here goes…

  4. Tom says:

    It worked! In Safari, go Preferences, Privacy, Remove All Website Data (you can go Details and select specific sites, but why? just delete). Restart Safari and you’re back in business.

    Sorry for the separate (but related) comment. Just sharing the love.

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