The Murder at the Vicarage: Young Women Nowadays

“What did she shoot him with?”

“A pistol.”

“Where did she find it?”

“She brought it with her.”

“Well, that she didn’t do,” said Miss Marple, with unexpected decision. “I can swear to that. She’d no such thing with her.”

“You mightn’t have seen it.”

“Of course I should have seen it.”

“If it had been in her handbag.”

“She wasn’t carrying a handbag.”

“Well, it might have been concealed—er—upon her person.”

Miss Marple directed a glance of sorrow and scorn upon him.

“My dear Colonel Melchett, you know what young women are nowadays. Not ashamed to show exactly how the creator made them. She hadn’t so much as a handkerchief in the top of her stocking.”

—Agatha Christie, The Murder at the Vicarage


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