Classical Bookworm 3.0

After three days of tinkering this blog is now ready for action at! The new address is, not surprisingly, This is my third blog home in 7 (!) years of blogging, and I have to say this move was much easier than the last one. The import itself was almost instantaneous, which is pretty impressive when you are talking about 1,139 posts and 5,417 comments.

The reason it took some tinkering is that I had to remove all of my Amazon Associates links, since only allows non-profit blogs. I think that is fair considering it’s a free service. You may see the occasional ad here but they are generated by WordPress to pay their bills. To remove my Amazon Associates links I had to export my blog from Blogger and use some fancy search and replace in Notepad++ to turn them into plain Amazon links, which are allowed. Other than that I didn’t have to do anything to the export file and WordPress slurped it up in one gulp. If I hadn’t had those links to fix I could have imported my blog directly from Blogger to WordPress without exporting it. Nothing could be easier!

The rest of the tinkering had to do with setting up the new blog’s design and structure, and tidying up my categories. I moved all my sidebar links to a “page,” which you can find by clicking on “Bookish Resources” above. Since leaving Typepad I have been hosting my images at Photobucket so I didn’t have to mess with them, but all of my internal links are now broken and I will have to go through them one by one to fix them. It’s laborious but it’s also fun to rediscover old posts. I’ve probably forgotten most of what I have posted here so working on old posts is like finding books on my bookshelves that I’d forgotten I had.

I do have to apologize for the small font used by my new WordPress theme. I was not aware of it at first because I have my minimum font size in Firefox set to 15. It looked perfectly readable to me until I loaded the page in another browser! If it’s a problem I suggest setting a minimum font size in your browser options. In future I might opt to pay for CSS access in WordPress but at the moment I am enjoying the simplicity of using a stock theme and not spending too much time on design. Once I get started on CSS it’s hard for me to stop!

Do let me know if you find anything amiss, or if there is anything you would like to see here. Onward!


8 comments on “Classical Bookworm 3.0

  1. Tom says:

    Nice work. I like the banner image better than the one you were trying out a day or two ago.

    No problem with the font in Safari. Looks good to me. Congrats!

    • Sylvia says:

      Hi Tom! Thanks for making the first comment on my “new” blog! I think I’ll have fun changing the banner images from time to time. I should probably put something in the sidebar to identify them. I’m glad it looks OK in Safari. Thanks!

  2. Great job, Sylvia! Glad that you’ve found a home here at WordPress…

    ~ Matt

  3. Stefanie says:

    Welcome to WordPress! Your new home is looking pretty spiffy already. And I love your banner collage!

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks, Stefanie! It was fun putting that banner together, and I’ll be switching up the images as the mood strikes. 🙂

  4. Hermana Grande says:

    Very pretty!

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