My Bookmobile

I’ve had a weakness for paper models ever since I was 10 years old and bought a paper model book for a Victorian townhouse at a museum in England. (Windsor? The Tower? Hampton Court? Can’t remember.) It had everything, from coal bins in the basement to servants’ quarters in the roof. I still have that book somewhere because I could never bring myself to cutting it up, nor did I know what I would do with a four-storey paper house. I suppose that with modern technology I could now make a copy and do with it as I will. Something for the long winter evenings…

A much less ambitious project is this cute little bookmobile. Grab your cardstock and a bone folder and enjoy!

via Book Patrol

2 comments on “My Bookmobile

  1. Stan says:

    Lovely! When I was a kid we used to visit a bookmobile in a nearby village. It was always very exciting: the curiosity about what books I would find this time, and what it might be like to travel around the country with a big pile of books.

  2. Stan, I think there's a book in that! 😉 I'm especially intrigued by four-legged bookmobiles: 🙂

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