Bookshelf: Sunset

RS Barcelona: Sunset

I love this sunset-coloured bookshelf from RS Barcelona (click for more photos). Each metal shelf is made of two parts that slide over each other and out the sides of the bookshelf, so you can arrange and rearrange your books and knick knacks however you like. It’s perfect for the ever-expanding library!

I’m working on expanding my shelving right now, and this bookshelf makes me wonder if I shouldn’t depart from my usual light wood stain and instead use some wild colours. Rainbow colours always look good, as do gradations of the same hue. Does anyone out there have coloured bookshelves? How do you like them?

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4 comments on “Bookshelf: Sunset

  1. theveryhungrybookworm says:

    Wow, I love this bookshelf! I really need to get a library so I can have more room for the eclectic bookshelves on my wishlist 🙂

  2. Sylvia says:

    theveryhungrybookworm, until then I think these will look very nice in your imaginary library! 😉

  3. Stefanie says:

    Those are pretty shelves. I have red bookshelves in my study room. I painted them the same color as the walls. I like my red room very much.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Stefanie, I like your red room too, from what I've seen on your blog. I've considered going with one colour but I can't decide which so why not all of them? 😀

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