Jane Eyre 2011

Can’t. Wait.

Jane Eyre 2011

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  1. Jodie says:

    Judi Dench? Trying to work out who she will be. Is Jamie Bell going to be her awful cousin?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Jodie, it looks like Judi Dench is Mrs. Fairfax, and I assume Jamie Bell is St. John. He doesn't exactly have the classical good looks St. John is supposed to have but he would probably be good as a conflicted martyr, if the movie keeps the character as he is in the book.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Oh that looks like it just might be good! Jane's chidlhood years and her time at Lowood so often just gets a passing nod but it looks like from the clip they might do it justice for a change.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Stefanie, have you seen the Ciaran Hinds & Samantha Morton version? It's a miniseries so they have time to spend on her childhood and they do an excellent job. And Ciaran is to die for! 🙂

  5. Jillian says:

    This movie looks awesome! 😀

  6. Sylvia says:

    Jillian, it's a bit cruel of them to tantalize us so far in advance! But I guess we can pass some of the time by reading the book again. 🙂

  7. Kim says:

    I agree that it looks like this movie version will be really good. It made me think that I needed to re-read the book–it's been a long time. I'm glad that I decided to do some catch-up blog reading this morning. Thanks Sylvia!

  8. Oooh looks great. Thank goodness they didn't put Kiera Knightly as Jane 😛

  9. Trish says:

    Oh please let the movie be as good as the trailor. Looks AHHHH-mazing.

    Haven't read this one in 10 years. Think it's time to revisit Jane and Mr. Rochester!

  10. Sylvia says:

    You're welcome, Kim!

    Autodidact, LOL! Good one!

    Trish, yes, I think a spring re-readalong is called for… (hint hint)

  11. Kristi says:

    That trailer looks incredible! Judi Dench does so well in period roles. I can't wait to see this one. I may have to read Jane Eyre again. It's been a couple of years.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Kristi, I love that these “costume flicks” provide good roles for older actresses. Newer stories seem to ignore older people entirely. Maybe that reflects our society but it's unfortunate. Anyway, I will definitely be rereading Jane Eyre too. Might be just the thing to spruce up February. It is a romantic story, after all!

  13. Tom says:

    Did you see it? My wife and I took our daughters to it. I've never read the book, but do remember the Samantha Morton version as well as an older one with George C. Scott as Rochester. We liked it and Mia Wasikowska is a very promising young actress, but wife thought it was not as spooky and gothic as the book. I agree relative to the Scott film version – that was MUCH more gothic as I recall. Probably too, we knew where the spookiness came from so that might have taken the edge off.

  14. Sylvia says:

    No, I haven't seen it yet, Tom. I usually wait for these things to come out on DVD, which in this case will be in 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

  15. Tom says:

    I think you'll like it. Here's the link for the G.C. Scott/Susannah York version:


    I was forced along with my classmates to watch it in a Jr High English class. It held my attention then, so it must good.

  16. Sylvia says:

    Thanks, Tom. I am very attached to the Samantha Morton & Ciaran Hinds version, but I like Susanna York so I will give it a try.

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