Eye Candy for Bibliophiles

Lately I’ve stumbled across some lovely blogs that specialize in pictures of books, bookshelves, and general bookishness, and I thought I’d pass along the links:

book lovers never go to bed alone: Book photos (love the title).

Bookshelf Porn: More book photos (don’t love the title but nice pictures).

Booklover: A mix of photos and bookish quotes.

Bookshelf: Creative bookshelf designs.

Women Reading: Photos, paintings, movie stills.

Hot Guys Reading Books: Proving that men do read.

Know of any other visually entertaining book blogs?


5 comments on “Eye Candy for Bibliophiles

  1. Jodie says:

    Well I found Handsome Guys Who Are Now Dead: http://handsomemenwhoarenowdead.blogspot.com/ which features many a book related male. But I sort fo think it might have been your Twitter feed that pointed me to that site in the first place.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I never tire of looking at books and bookshelves 🙂

  3. Sylvia says:

    Jodie, what will the web think of next? 😀

    Stefanie, me too. It makes me think I should try to take pretty pictures of my bookshelves. Hmm…

  4. Stefanie says:

    Well I'd never say no to seeing pictures of your shelves 🙂

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