¡Vamos La Furia Roja!

My early World Cup predictions have come to naught, and I don’t care because my favourite team of the tournament (besides Mexico) has made it to the final, in style. Today Spain beat the heretofore impressive Germans and have a chance to win the World Cup trophy for the first time. They controlled the game from start to finish, keeping possession of the ball and probing the German defense with infinite patience until they found a way through. Germany was helpless, mesmerized by Spain’s passing ability and menacing runs. Even the German coach admitted afterwards that there was nothing they could do. That is quite an admission from a team who demolished Argentina 4–0.

I’m no octopus but I expect it will be the same against the Naranja Mecánica (“mechanical orange”), i.e. the Netherlands, on Sunday, and Spain will win the World Cup for the first time. Until then, I think a little flamenco is in order…



8 comments on “¡Vamos La Furia Roja!

  1. Seesaw says:

    I also hope Spain wins on Sunday. I was more impressed by German team than by Dutch, and if Germans had to loose last night, I hope the Dutch will lose on Sunday!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Yes, Germany looked far better than the Netherlands, so hopefully it will be easy for Spain! Maybe Torres will finally get a goal?! 🙂

  3. Stefanie says:

    What a surprise the game was! I thought for sure the octopus had finally chosen wrong. I kinda wanted Germany to win because half my family is German, but I appreciate Spain's accomplishment and hope they win Sunday. How exciting it will be for them if they take it all!

  4. Sylvia says:

    Stefanie, I know! My friend in Madrid tells me they're going crazy. Her mother even went to church to pray before the game! I have the feeling a few billion rosaries will be said for the cause before Sunday. 😀

  5. FIFI_worldcup says:

    Since I don't tweet about tactics, I might as well leave a comment here :D!
    I've been saying it all through the tournament, Germany wasn't that good. Spain was the first team they encountered. The other rivals of Germany were individuals. Against Argentina e.g. Schweinsteiger was often defended by Higuain and Pastore… I think Spain are the favourites to win the tournament, but the Dutch have an amazing ability to sabotage an opponents game. The match against Brazil is an excellent example. So..don't count us Dutchies out!

    I predict that it's going to be close call. Both teams play according to the same tactics. Whoever will win will deserve the worldcup for playing like a true team (let's just forget that stupid ass Pedro..). Can't wait! And, yeah, because I'm loyal to my country: Hup Holland Hup 😀

  6. Sylvia says:

    Hello FIFI! Spoken like a true Dutchwoman! But I know what colours you're wearing under all that orange… 😉

  7. FIFI_worldcup says:

    My head says Spain will win, my heart wants the Dutch to win, my loins just scream for Spain again. 😀 Well, I can't really lose, can I?

  8. Sylvia says:

    LOL! No indeed, we always win when Spain plays. 🙂

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