Pegasus’s Arms and Legs

She stopped, at twilight, at the door of a mean little public-house, with dim red lights in it. As haggard and as shabby, as if, for want of custom, it had itself taken to drinking, and had gone the way all drunkards go, and was very near the end of it….

The name of the public-house was the Pegasus’s Arms. The Pegasus’s legs might have been more to the purpose; but, underneath the winged horse upon the signboard, THE PEGASUS’S ARMS was inscribed in Roman letters.

—Charles Dickens, Hard Times


2 comments on “Pegasus’s Arms and Legs

  1. Inkslinger says:

    This reminds me how much I loved Hard Times (and I'm not really a Dickens fan, by and large)! I really need to read it again.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I'm actually finding Hard Time hard going, on audio. It just hasn't hooked me like some of his other books. It doesn't seem to have a strong central character, at least not yet. Perhaps that will emerge as I get farther into it.

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