Bookbindings of the Morgan

Legendumst posted about a new exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum, Protecting the Word: Bookbindings of the Morgan. Pierpont Morgan was, well, filthy rich, and he purchased a lot of beautiful things including books with exquisite bindings. These are now on display and you can see a handful of them online. I thought I would post one of themβ€”it actually made me gasp when it came up on screen. They aren’t sure exactly where and when it was made but they guess Salzburg around 760–790. A hundred years later or so it was “recycled” as the back cover of the Lindau Gospels. The front cover is astonishing also, but I prefer the older one. Click the book to zoom.

Lindau Gospels, back cover


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    Not exactly your Penguin Paperback Edition, eh? πŸ˜‰

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