Another Stolen Painting Returned

A day after posting about a documentary on the Nazi theft of art during World War II, there is news that another stolen painting is being returned to its rightful owners. The Centre Pompidou has given Matisse’s Le Mur Rose to a UK charity that supports emergency medical services in Israel, as per the bequest of the deceased inheritor of the painting. This return is particularly meaningful because the Nazi official who took it was in charge of supplying the death camps with poison gas. Now the painting will be auctioned to fund services that will save lives. How appropriate.

Matisse: Le Mur Rose


2 comments on “Another Stolen Painting Returned

  1. びっくり says:

    Yay! With patience and time, some things do get set right. Thanks for a very encouraging post.

  2. Sylvia says:

    You're welcome.:)

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