Bleak House: The Opera

I found out today that by strange coincidence, my littermate and I are experiencing Charles Dickens’ Bleak Houseat the same time. I say “experiencing” because we are enjoying this classic in various media, print, audio, and video. This made me wonder if the book could be adapted for the stage, particularly opera. My sister assured me that it would be perfect for the opera, and sketched me an outline:

Bleak House—An Opera in Five Acts

  • Chorus and make-up for Tom All Alone’s—blackened teeth, rashes, scars, and black eyes for everyone!
  • Recurring choral fugue of lawyers for the Chancery scenes.
  • Every scene a mad scene for Miss Flite.
  • Large ensemble for Jo’s death, including off-stage accompanying chorus of the poor.
  • Duets:
    • Sickly-sweet love duet for Ada and Richard;
    • A scene for Esther and Lady Deadlock;
    • Another for Esther and Mr. Jarndyce when he “breaks” their engagement;
    • And of course one for Esther and Alan Woodcourt.

I wonder if the Canada Council will go for it?


3 comments on “Bleak House: The Opera

  1. Carrie K says:

    I would love to see that opera!

  2. Julie says:

    I dunno if the Canada Council would go for it, but I sure would! I can SO picture that recurring choral fugue. Love it!

  3. CruzSF says:

    I would like to see this, too. How is the composition going?

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