DIY: Read in Bed Hands-Free

I saw this laptop stand on Instructables and thought it might make a good platform for serious bed-reading. It would need some sort of modification to keep the pages open, especially for paperbacks. The solution could be as simple as stapling on some clear elastic. Any handy people out there want to try it?

Laptop stand


2 comments on “DIY: Read in Bed Hands-Free

  1. Danielle says:

    That looks great. Now I'd just need something to actually keep me awake at night to last more than two paragraphs. No matter how awake I feel–if it is after 10:00, lately I can't seem to manage more than that! I fall asleep with TV and lamp on, wake up at 12:00, turn off TV and lamp anf go to bed. Definitely not the best way to get a full night's rest. But I still like the stand–I have something similar for my needlework that is scroll bars attached to an arm you basically sit under.

  2. Andi says:

    Perfect! I could avoid dropping my books on my head when I doze off with this little baby.

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