Library Sale Cart Gem of the Day

California: A History by Kevin StarrIt’s this sort of find that keeps me sifting through the thrillers, travel books, and old computer manuals on the library’s sale cart: a completely unmarked, gently read copy of California: A History by “legendary California historian,” Kevin Starr. It’s part of the Modern Library Chronicles series, and you know how I like Modern Library hardcovers (large print, opaque paper, good price—in this case, $1.50!). I’m half-Californian (if I can put it that way) so I have a particular interest in that state. I’m actually surprised that such a giant of a state can be contained in such a small book (370 pages). I expect it will be a mad, magnificent rush through 500 years of influential history.


2 comments on “Library Sale Cart Gem of the Day

  1. Stefanie says:

    Oh great find! You're right something like that makes slogging through all those other books worthwhile.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love finds like that! And a hardcover no less. Kevin Starr actually has a six-book (or is it 7? I can't remember) on CA history–I think the single-volume history is a sort of overview of the series. They're quite interesting. Have fun reading!

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