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DaodejingWhile the Cervantes Institute of Rome was busy reading Don Quixote aloud to celebrate World Book Day, a much larger group on the the other side of the planet was reciting a much more popular (albeit shorter) book. A record 13,839 people read part of the Daodejing (Tao te ching) together aloud in a stadium in Hong Kong.

The Daodejing is the world’s second-most popular book (no prizes for guessing the first) and is the foundational text of Daoism (Taoism), a nature-based Chinese philosophical system that I am particularly fond of. What is lovely about this event is that leaders of other faiths also participated in the reading. To read the full story and see more photos, go to; Reuters also has a video of the event. For a beautiful online presentation of the Daodejing, try The Big View.


5 comments on “More Reading Aloud

  1. JCR says:

    The Tao is the second, uhm, what would the first be? Please let me guess…. I see, I think–considering that some regard the Bible as overrated–could I take a simple guess that it is…. (drum roll)… James Joyce's Ulysses!?!! 😦

  2. Sylvia says:

    No, I believe it's The Lord of the Rings… 😉

  3. booklogged says:

    I appreciated the link to The Big View. Very interesting.

  4. Library Diva says:

    I remember reading the Tao te Ching in college for my Chinese Civ class. I found a very thought-provoking, chill read and have always meant to pick it up. Perhaps this will serve as a reminder for me to do so. I like reading arts of the Bible as well for the same reason, although I have to confess that I like the Bible the same way I like books like The Great Gatsby and Nobody's Fool. I don't take it as a template for living. I don't even think much about whether I believe the events in it happened or not. I just like it. Reading it often makes me feel better, esp. Psalms and Proverbs.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Hi Library Diva! That is very cool that you read the Bible as literature. Sometimes stories can be more true than “reality”…

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