Hey Opera, Lighten Up!

If opera were your friend, you’d tell it to quit yelling, lose weight, and stop taking everything so seriously.

—Sean Cullen on The Debaters, CBC Radio


5 comments on “Hey Opera, Lighten Up!

  1. wil says:

    I wonder if Sean Cullen has seen The Barber of Seville or The Magic Flute. I don't think they take themselves too seriously…

  2. Imani says:

    I just wish they'd sing so I could understand what they're saying. I can't even understand the operas sung in English without sub-titles. :/ (But I love it all, regardless.)

  3. Legolas says:

    Next time, you mention the politics so that I can toss you around. 😐

  4. Chuck says:

    Hmm, I wonder how you'd lighten up Salome or Elektra (Elektralite anyone?) (Ooohhh…).

  5. Sylvia says:

    Legolas: see next post for tossing opportunities

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