Friday Mind-blowing Video(s)

This is completely off topic but I have a thing for cephalopods (squid, octopus, cuttlefish) and just had to share this. It comes via Biomes Blog, which daily presents an eclectic assortment of nifty and interesting links specially crafted for curious procrastinators.

UPDATE: And if that video wasn’t enough, mozy over to Cute Overload where you can see a scuba-diving cat and snake-attacking rabbit (note the hyphen).


9 comments on “Friday Mind-blowing Video(s)

  1. Carl V. says:

    I have always found the ocean both wonderous and creepy…this video is a perfect example of why. I think that would've scared the pee out of me, him coming out of that bush like that!

  2. Julie says:

    GOL (gasping out loud)!

  3. Wil Cone says:

    That is so freaky! Can an octopus really change it's form/texture/coloration that fast?!?

  4. Sylvia says:

    Oh lordy, they can do flashing light shows. You should see squid when they're mating.

  5. turtlebella says:

    See…that's why I wanted to be a marine biologist. That is just too freaky and cool.

  6. Stefanie says:

    That is so cool!

  7. Milan says:

    Octopi are definitely among the coolest invertebrates: intelligent, with a hydrostatic skeleton that lets them dramatically change shape. Watching the ones at the Vancouver Aquarium used to be my favourite thing about that place.

  8. Chuck says:

    That's both wild and creepy. Octopi scare me a bit — it's the beak, I think. Still, they're interesting, too. At a distance.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Well, you have to be scary when you're eminently edible!

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