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The new BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre will be airing soon on PBS. I’m not sure I believe Toby Stephens as Rochester, but we’ll see. Ciaran Hinds [swoon] set the bar pretty high for that part. I’m glad Tara Fitzgerald is in it, she’s great.

Want to spruce up your public library? Check out Change on the Cheap for ideas on how to make your library more functional, inviting, and (it irks me to say this) relevant (as if books could ever be irrelevant!). [via H20boro lib blog]

Want someone to read you a story? Check out where Walter Gerald Burek is reading through The Heart of Darkness and also reads a poem every week. Beautiful site, beautiful voice.

In case you missed the link when it was buried in my library rant, do check out Jon Swift’s dyn-O-mite post, “Who Needs Books?” Here is a little taste:

If book huggers think reading is so important, they should watch the movie Fahrenheit 451. In that film (which I’m sure is better than the book, which I have not actually read) people live in a future Utopian society where the government keeps the people safe from terrorism and everyone can afford big-screen televisions. The hero of the film is a librarian who has his hands full freeing up shelf space. By the end of the film they arrive at a solution that makes everyone happy. Bookworms memorize the books they like and recite them to someone who cares. I think if people did that today, it would free up even more shelf space for things like video games, which actually promote the skills kids will need to fight the wars of the 21st century.

Book huggers. Love it!


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  1. renee says:

    Just clicked through after reading the book huggers excerpt, and that Jon Swift blog is hilarious! Will bookmark that for sure. Thanks for the link!

  2. Walter Burek says:

    I recently subscribed to your enjoyable site and came across your comments about my Great Books site. To thank you for the kind words, I've added a link to your site on
    All the best,

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thanks very much, Walter!

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