Ten Things I Love That Begin With "E"

I caught this meme from Antony, who assigned me the letter E. In alphabetical order, then:

  1. Easter—Despite appearances to the contrary, this is the high point of the Christian calendar, the zenith of hope that what is wrong in the world can be made right.
  2. ecology—I love systems and I love nature, and when you put those two things together you get ecology, the study of the interactions between and among organisms and their environment. I’ll never forget the moment, at 12 years old, when I got fire ecology. I’ve been hooked every since.
  3. ecosophy—This is ecological wisdom, which basically means living within the earth’s means, something that seems far from the radar screen (including my own) at this time of year.
  4. ecotheology—This is taking ecosophy a step further, to ecological holiness: living with respect for all God’s creatures for love of God.
  5. elephants—To me they are beautiful, sensitive, intelligent creatures that we could learn a lot from.
  6. e-mail—Unlike the phone, e-mail gives my ME/CFS-addled brain a chance to think and put together coherent sentences. I’ve swallowed a lot of pride since getting this disease but I’m not quite ready to come across like a pot-head if I can avoid it.
  7. encyclopedias—Because I love knowledge. Enough said.
  8. English—I love it for its diversity and rich heritage. I’m glad I learned it by osmosis as a child because I’d hate to try and learn it as an adult!
  9. Erythronium oregonum—The ethereal White Fawn Lily is one of the first (native) signs of spring here. They form delicate floating carpets in shady places, and even their leaves are interesting. My last car was named Erythronium.
  10. exercise—I am one of those strange people who loves exercise. It’s one of the things I miss most since I got sick. Sometimes I pretend that I can still do it and suffer the consequences of my delusion. For instance, today I woke up with an exquisite back spasm after trying to stack some firewood yesterday. Sigh.

Want to play? Let me know and I’ll send you a letter.


18 comments on “Ten Things I Love That Begin With "E"

  1. Antony says:

    Great list Sylvia. I so appreciate your deep faith and deep respect for creation and finding the spirituality there. There is something very holy here. I wish that combination was found in far more people.
    Peace to you sis

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks, bro! 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Love your list! I hope eventually Antony will have the whole alphabet represented!

  4. Stefanie says:

    I love elephants. It makes me so sad to see them at zoos. Well, zoos make me sad in general, but especially the elephants.
    I'll take a letter Vanna!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Very well, let me reach into the Scrabble box and see what I come up with….
    Your letter is: P!

  6. Stefanie says:

    P? Hmm. I'll have to let my mind ponder over that today.

  7. Susan says:

    I want to play!

  8. Sylvia says:

    Stefanie: Groan!

  9. Sylvia says:

    Ok, Susan, the Scrabble box says…
    Have fun!

  10. Susan says:

    Gee, I'll get a group of goodies gathered for guests to gander at just as soon as I can.

  11. Wil Cone says:

    You name your car?!? 😉
    I want to play!

  12. Sylvia says:

    Ok, your letter is….

  13. Wil Cone says:

    S. Thanks! I must think…
    BTW, your list is great…and Erythronium is way better than Herbie.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Yes, except that no one except biologists and classicists can pronounce it! I don't have a name for my current ride since there aren't any light blue flowers around here. Maybe I should try zephyr since my trusty toyota does fly like the wind!

  15. びっくり says:

    Has Antony covered all 26 bases yet? I feel sorry for the chap that gets stuck with X.
    I liked Ecotheology. Although I have never seen the word before and my spell-checker balks at it. I think any fundamentalist Christian should be right on board here. Step one: God gave us dominion over all creation – animals and natural resources. Step two: God expects us to be good stewards of whatever He entrusts to us. There we are. If the planet's well designed healing mechanisms can't keep up with our taxation of them, are we good stewards?
    Interesting that you mention that being difficult in December. Down here in Tsu air conditioner usage in August is a much bigger concern. I am proud that I made it through the summer without personal use of my two air conditioners. I did run the unit in the (2.7 x 3.6m) classroom about a dozen hours when students were here.

  16. Sylvia says:

    Oh, I had forgotten about this post!
    Surprisingly enough, fundamentalist Christians are getting on board with environmentalism, particularly with concern over global warming.

  17. びっくり says:

    You may have forgotten this post, but you pointed me at it the other day. In the discussion on search parameters that seemed tailored to your site, you mentioned: Ten Things That Begin With E.
    Ta-daa! I typed that in and ended out here.

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