Book Blogging: High Tech Meets Low Tech

Dorothy (Of Books and Bicycles) posted a link to an interesting article by Genevieve Tucker on book blogging and I thought I’d pass it along as well. I think this is the first article I’ve read about the litblogosphere, written by a journalist, that wasn’t either defensive or condescending. I also like that she built an explanation of blogs elegantly into her prose rather than use the clunky “blog, short for web log” definition that you see everywhere. It’s a small point, but I think it shows craftsmanship.

I was particularly drawn to this paragraph about how book bloggers mingle of old technology with new:

Above all, readers of books who also enjoy reading blogs are conscious that they are drawn to the most highly powered technology in their homes and offices to talk about the simplest cultural technology there is, one that can be picked up, kept for many years on a shelf, borrowed and lent and returned to at will without needing to be refreshed or substantially remodelled. It is this poignant attachment to old technology, together with a well-balanced sense of the rich possibilities offered by new media, that is probably closest to the heart of blogging about books and writing.

—Genevieve Tucker, Online, everyone’s a critic


One comment on “Book Blogging: High Tech Meets Low Tech

  1. Beth says:

    This same argument answers those tedious discussions about the relative merits of real paint versus digital paint.
    And then there are the circular discussions comparing acoustic and digital sound. (Although in the second instance I find myself weighing in on the side of acoustic sound, who could deny that CDs and iPods have made all kinds of music more readily acccessible to the general population?)

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