Chaucer Gets Bookmania

Did you know that Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog? This week he describes his love of books:

By seynt Jerome, gentil folk, ich nede no Philobiblon of Richard de Bury to instructe me of the grete power and vertu and joie that is to be found in bokes. As messire John of Gaunt loueth women, so ich loue bokes: without limit or discriminacioun, ich loue hem oolde and newe, short and longe, frensshe or latin or on englysshe tonge, of heigh sentence or of lowe japerye, from the smalest leef of parchemin to the gretest volume clad in blak or reed wyth commentarye and big honkinge metal claspes for fasteninge it shut.

He also reviews some of his recent purchases, including Battlestar Ecclesiastica and The VII Habits of Heighly Effective Hangers-On. Don’t let the Middle English put you off. This stuff is well worth the effort.