This is How Uncool I Am

I like Internet Explorer. Call me uncool, behind the times, a docile cyborg succumbing to Microsoft’s bid for world domination, but Firefox has never caught on with me. I have decent security software, so I don’t have to worry about that. Earlier versions of Firefox crashed my previous computer most effectively. Even the current (soon to be obsolete) version is a hassle. It seems that for every page that isn’t just plain HTML I have to download some doodad to make it work. Sometimes it doesn’t even tell me I need to download something and I’m left wondering why the page isn’t loading. The real deal-breaker, though, is that until recently there was no Google toolbar for Firefox. This is a problem because I love the Google toolbar more than life itself.

My affair with IE reached a whole new level this week. IE7 is out, and it kicks ass! Sure, they stole an idea or two from Firefox. Whatever. They can settle it between themselves. Among my favourite new features is the customizable search box. I have added options to search by ISBN at,, Abebooks, Bookfinder, and Powell’s (plus a few other handy searches). I’m still having heart palpitations over that. I’m also enjoying other little toys, like page zoom, tabs, feed reading, and IM integration. It also installed itself in record time and kept my Google toolbar intact, along with my various right-click functions. No extra doodads to download, just install and go. Being uncool works for me.

UPDATE: Here’s a comparison chart of the features of the new browser editions. I forgot to mention that when you shut down IE7 it can remember the pages you’ve got open and reload them next time you start IE. Very handy for when you’re involved in something complicated and have to break for silly little things like food and sleep.


8 comments on “This is How Uncool I Am

  1. Wil Cone says:

    I have to admit, IE7 has finally caught up with Firefox to a certain extent, and the Google toolbar is quite powerful, but personally I hate toolbars cluttering up my browser window and hogging screen real estate. Plus, if you're for freedom and democracy, you'll want to use an open-source browser…you are for freedom and democracy aren't you?
    Hey, are you with us or against us?

  2. Sylvia says:

    I want to speak to my attorney! I demand my right of habeus corpus! Oh, right, I forgot. I wonder if I can blog from Gitmo…?

  3. Milan says:

    If Firefox has helped push Microsoft to improve IE, this is a benefit for everyone. I think it's silly to get overly hung up on the virtues of one browser or another, so long as competition between them is advancing overall quality.
    What I would really love to see if proper standardization of CSS.

  4. Talmida says:

    I went over to Firefox because IE screwed up too often. But I still need IE to see a lot of older media, so I keep it around. (you also need to keep it for automatic updates!) Some of the Hebrew pages seem to print better in IE as well — not sure exactly why — but there have been RTL (right to left) issues in both browsers.

  5. Sylvia says:

    IE7 seems to pay special attention to right-to-left reading. If you right click you can make the address bar, search box, and whole page r2l.

  6. Dana Huff says:

    That's odd–I wonder why you were having browser issues with Firefox? I never had those kind of problems with it, though I have noticed older editions of Firefox freqently lost my bookmarks. As to the features, as I know you're probably aware, Firefox already has all of them, but I, too, am glad that they've finally improved IE.

  7. Carl V. says:

    I'm with you there. I consider myself pretty computer savvy and I'm online all the time and I just never liked Firefox. I've stuck with IE and look forward to upgrading.

  8. Talmida says:

    I will have to d/l IE7 and compare the RTL functions. Thanks!

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