Curse of the Ring?

I just heard that Adrianne Pieczonka, the stunning Sieglinde in the Canadian Opera Company’s Die Walküre, broke her ankle the day before her second performance (they’re doing the entire Ring Cycle three times). At first they were going to do the Cyrano de Bergerac thing and have her singing in the wings while another player acted, but in the end she decided to tough it out and play the part herself. One patron said she didn’t even show a limp, and presumably her cast was hidden by the costume. Way to take one for the team, Adrianne!

There were mishaps in the first run as well–they lost their Wotan (diabetes), Fricka had to have a tooth out, and Siegfried (I believe) tripped on the set and went flying (I heard it at the time and was mystified as to what had happened). Could it be the curse of the Ring?!

Adrianne Pieczonka sings Wagner and Strauss

For me the curse of the Ring is the desire for more Wagneralia! (I made that word up, by the way.) I’ve discovered that Adrianne Pieczonka has recorded a new CD of pieces from Wagner and Strauss, including some Sieglinde. Another must-have. (And yes, I had a hit of Wagner today. Hojotoho!)


2 comments on “Curse of the Ring?

  1. Chuck says:

    “For me the curse of the Ring is the desire for more Wagneralia!”
    Indeed! For me the curse is getting me past my half aversion to Wagner himself (er, his music, not the man). I listened to Das Rheingold today and was thrilled to hear how different (i.e. rich and smooth) it sounds compared to how I'm used to hearing Wagner. I hope the rest of the set sounds as good.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I must say I preferred the more subtle COC orchestra, but the Met people aren't half bad… 😉

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