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A while ago I mentioned coComment, a great new service that tracks blog conversations automatically. Through the mysteries of technology I somehow subscribed to all, or a segment of, comments left on Typepad blogs. To read them all jumbled together is quite intriguing, like overhearing snippets of conversation in a coffee shop. There is no way to find out which particular blog they came from, so they must forever be mysteries. Here is a sampling:

Varför sluta där? Jag tror ett utomjordiskt parti hade kunnat röra om i grytan ordentligt!

Please read the rules before you comment. Criticizing Tori and Dean’s relationship falls under insulting celebrities, which we do not tolerate. We will not approve these comments.

Thanks for the suggestions – I’ve noted your requests.

Hello Joséphine, non en effet, pas de 20 km, étant donné que c’est le même jour que le semi-marathon d’Amsterdam.

Sorry to pick on minor teminological issues again but this time its even more acute than the previous post…

Aloha Steve, It has been a joy for me to know you through your evolutionary blogging— a good adjective for it indeed, for I think many of us are somewhat amazed at how it has shaped our habits in connecting with other people.

I have a Cuddly Wrap too. I really like it.

Après avoir pensé moi aussi au catalogue IKEA, je suis sur que ca doit être l’email en effet, mais je n’y aurai pas pensé sans Charles.

David, where have you been before Feb 2006???

pure power pain and capability – and don’t forget performance-enhancing drugs.

People who say things like “bottom line” will give you a very different take on my work at the BBC than those who benefited from it.

We were in Buenos Aires during July of this year and also realized the sad situation of Argentina’s street animals.

I can make my wife totally crack up just by sneaking up behind her and whispering in her ear, “Dwight…SCHRUTE” in the self-important, over-enunciated tone he uses.

El concierto estuvo muy bien, Ana, y ya me pareció que había algo que no andaba bien.

People have always played – although as we get older we have it drummed into us that it’s inappropriate behaviour…


3 comments on “CoComment: Typepad Zeitgeist

  1. turtlebella says:

    This is quite amusing…you could make up whole conversations around each comment…

  2. A says:

    It's almost as good as Joyce's incomprehensible stream of consciousness.

  3. Stefanie says:

    That is fun, little windows into other people's conversations

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