Oxford Homebodies

…Tolkien and Lewis studied Wagner’s myths as a part of their exploration in their short-lived but deeply influential Kólbitar Club. Creating the academic club in 1926, Tolkien hoped to interest several Oxford dons in the significance of Norse mythology. Meaning “Coal Biters,” Kólbitar was a derisive term for Norse men who refused to join in the hunt or fight, preferring instead the warmth of the fire.

—Dr. B.J. Birzer, “Both rings were round, and there the resemblance ceases”: Tolkien, Wagner, Nationalism, and Modernity

Heh. For the record, Tolkien vehemently rejected the claim that there was any direct connection between Wagner’s Ring operas and The Lord of the Rings. They were both inspired by Norse mythology but the similarities end there, says Professor Tolkien.