Sister Wendy, Half Price!

Sister Wendy: The Complete Collection

Just a little heads up for any Sister Wendy fans. is having a Labour Day sale and is offering Sister Wendy: The Complete Collection for half price. The 4-DVD set comprises Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting, Sister Wendy’s Odyssey, Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour, and Sister Wendy’s Pains of Glass. In my experience, these sorts of deals get bought up quickly, so don’t delay. Now if only they’d put her books on at half price…

If you don’t know Sister Wendy Beckett, you’re missing out! She is a world famous art historian whose years of contemplating art in silence and solitude at a monastery has resulted in great insights on art and the ability to communicate them clearly. What little I know about art is thanks to her programs on public television. She is… well, she’s not what you’d expect. She understands and appreciates all forms of art, from cave paintings to modern abstract, and is not the least bit prudish about the human body or the human passions. She knows her stuff, and is able to transmit her love of art to the viewer. Sister Wendy is earnest, charming, humorous, and loveable. God bless her!

UPDATE: The deals continue. I just got this:

Powertec Classics Flat Bench

…for half price. The shopping gods are with me today. I just hope the “some assembly required” gods are with me too because right now it’s in about two hundred pieces. Good thing I bought a socket set last month (70% off, by the way). πŸ˜€


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