Rembrandt Turns 400

Any art lovers out there? If so, check out the Rijksmuseum’s online exhibit in honour of Rembrandt van Rijn’s 400th birthday. I’ve been to the Rijksmuseum and have seen the Night Watch in person. It’s very impressive, to say the least.

I have long been fascinated with the prophetess Anna (Luke 2:36-38), so here she is. It’s a beautiful painting, despite the anachronistic codex and the unlikeliness of her having been literate. Since it’s his birthday, we’ll excuse Rembrandt this little bit of artistic license.

ADDENDUM: There are indeed art lovers out there! In that case I’ll add a link for the Rijkswidget, a desktop widget that diplays a different painting from the Rijksmuseum every day. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s gotten rave reviews so far.

Rembrandt: The Prophetess Anna (detail)


4 comments on “Rembrandt Turns 400

  1. A says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for posting this. I've also seen the Night Watch and other Rembrandts in person at the Rijksmuseum, and loved it.

  2. AC says:

    Thanks for the link! I haven't been to the Rijksmuseum, but I did see The Prodigal Son in person. Amazing.

  3. Litlove says:

    I just adore this painting. It is so beautiful. The colours are luminous and the pose of the figure so vibrant even in contemplation. Just love it.

  4. Seesaw says:

    Yet another person reading this blog, who was in Rijksmuseum (in 1969 – 300 hundred years of Rembrandt's death).
    I have been so delighted, amazed, with the Night Watch, I will never forget that painting. Love Rembrandt!

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