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Remember that name. If all goes well, Michael Ignatieff will be the next, great, Liberal Prime Minister of Canada and not a moment too soon. This is not a politician—this is a scholar who knows how to do politics. He is an expert in human rights (Hallelujah!) and an expert in what it means to be Canadian. He is highly intelligent, passionate about Canadian values, and an excellent communicator. Some have called him the next Pierre Trudeau, some have called him a leader for the 21st century; both sentiments appear apt. We would be lucky to get him as Prime Minister.

His speech today at the University of Ottawa was spectacular. He does not pander to petty $elf-intere$t like so many politicians do, he speaks to our highest ideals and makes living them seem entirely possible. His speech was like a breath of fresh air. Do read it if you have the time. Although Ignatieff has not yet officially declared himself a candidate for the Liberal Party leadership, this speech sounds a lot like his application for the job of Prime Minister.

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  1. CuriosityKilledTheCat says:

    Nuance as Nemesis.
    The flurry of articles for and against Ignatieff, based on his writings and speeches, means he is in the headlines in bloggerdom more than any other candidate right now.
    But here is my CatForecast:
    • His newness, coupled with his nuanced positions, added to the fact that he is a fresh face in the Liberal Party, will mean he runs for leader as a frontrunner, and will do well on the first ballot.
    • But the second ballot will see him fading fast, as Liberals at the convention decide he is not the leader to beat Harper (too much Kerry in the man).
    • By the third ballot, he will be signalling to his supporters which person he wishes to be leader.
    And this brings us to the inevitable question: Who will Ignatieff choose to support as leader once his own star fades?
    Will he choose a practiced politician? Or a fresh face? Or the most intelligent? The one who will appoint him as foreign minister (a post he would fill honour)?
    Fairly easy to predict who he will not choose; less easy which one he will choose.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I wish you hadn't used the “K” word… I thought he answered the media questions quite clearly and succinctly (and with great composure), unlike you know who. I guess we'll soon see how he does in the world of sound bites and photo-ops.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Oh how exciting. I read The Needs of Strangers in a college ethics class and really liked it. I didn't know he was in politics. Good luck!

  4. Julie says:

    Here in the US, I mean.

  5. Julie says:

    Sounds like someone we could use here.

  6. Janelle M. says:

    Hallelujah if he does choose to run as PM.
    It's just what this country needs but will those casting the ballots for party leader see the need as well? My fingers are crossed.

  7. Milan says:

    One odd thing about Michael Ignatieff is that he has more name recognition in the United States than in Canada. In particular, Canadian friends of mine who went to university in the States seem to know all about him.
    For a potential Prime Minister, this is probably a liability rather than an advantage.

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