March 8: Blog Against Sexism Day

March 8: Blog Against Sexism DayHappy International Women’s Day! Well, I suppose it’s not so happy if you’re a woman living in South Dakota, in which case you’ve just had control over your own uterus taken away from you by your elected representatives, the vast majority of whom are biologically exempt from the dangers and burdens (and joys) of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood (or the soul-crushing pain of adoption). Thanks, South Dakota, for making this such a special day for women.

Of course it’s not just SD, there are about ten states lined up to follow suit. Canada is probably not far behind with a Prime Minister who says his stand on abortion is “too complicated” to explain, and though he wouldn’t introduce a motion to ban abortion himself, he has made it abundantly clear that his MPs are free to propose bills at any time. Is it a coincidence that mere days after he was elected, Focus on the Family opened an office in Ottawa? No. They smell blood.

I think most people would almost rather have an abortion than talk about abortion, but we’re going to have to if we don’t want to end up in The Handmaid’s Tale. If you want to know my particular views, please visit Catholics for a Free Choice. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice also has some excellent articles, and Adventist Today has a clear, succinct account of biblical references (or rather, non-references) to abortion. Planned Parenthood USA and NARAL could definitely use your support right now, and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada might need it in the very near future. But pace yourselves—we’re in for a long fight.

Blog Against Sexism Day

ADDENDUM: For positive abortion stories, check out I’m Not Sorry.


3 comments on “March 8: Blog Against Sexism Day

  1. susan rose says:

    Thanks for the inspiration .. I've got a post too.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great post!
    My feeling about abortion is that it's most certainly a tragedy but it's most certainly not wrong. And something those with the uterus have to decide, not some psuedo devout misogynist.
    Brava, chica!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Our legislators in MN don't have the nerve to propose something like they did in our neighboring state of SD. Instead they are going at it in an underhanded way and are trying to push through a law that would allow pharamacists to deny filling women's birth control prescriptions. MN used to be such a progressive state and now it's going to the dogs. I always had hoped I could move to Canada if it got too bad, but it sounds like you guys are having set backs too.

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