Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia

I spotted this at the library yesterday. It was brought to my attention when I saw a man point at the cover and tell his wife that that was the picture their daughter had on her wall. When I looked it was none other than my good friend Herr Bücherwurm. It might be worth getting just for the cover.

Benét's Reader's Encyclopedia


5 comments on “Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia

  1. Tim says:

    Looking through your links and other info, I must say…I agree. Many of the issues and interests fall in line with much of my own. You probably have already heard of it, but you should check out a book by Nicholas Basbanes called Patience & Fortitude. It is about book collecting, selling, libraries – general fun stuff about books. Just a humble suggestion, nothing more.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi Tim. I've tried Patience and Fortitude but found I lacked the patience and fortitude to finish the book! He does tend to ramble on without any apparent direction. I do plan to try it and his other books again some time, though.

  3. Gotham Image says:

    Sylvia – Basbanes was just interviewed at length on C-Span. Very interesting. Interesting blog.

  4. Ella says:

    Herr Bucherwurm gets around, doesn't he? I think one of my school libraries had him posted near Youth Fiction.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that, Goth. The interview can be seen here:
    Herr Bücherwurm can also be found in many of my books–I have bookplates with his image on them. I always laugh when I see the old coot.

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