Wilde: Democracy

Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

—Oscar Wilde

A note to canucks: Advance polls opened today and run all weekend. Do yourself a favour and avoid the line-ups on the big day. Seriously, I just went and I was the only voter there. Give those poor lonely scrutineers something to do.


2 comments on “Wilde: Democracy

  1. So, if you don't mind telling, what motivated your voting choice?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Me? Mind pontificating?! 😉 Well, I am a small-L liberal when it comes to equal rights, social programs, and the environment, so for me it's a matter of voting for whoever can defeat the local Conservative candidate. I don't expect much on the environment from the Liberals, but they'd still be better than the Conservatives. Last session the Liberals (with help from Chuck Cadman, RIP) went to the wall to uphold equal rights (in the case of same-sex marriage) so I am very comfortable with them on rights issues. They are also standing up for public health care, which is huge for me, but, as Finance Minister, Martin gutted UI, something I'm still unhappy about. I like that Martin (like Chretien) does not suck up to the US and kept our troops out of Iraq.
    Basically, I disagree with the Conservatives on everything. Pretty simple, really.

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