García Marquez’ Writing Routine

His routine for writing has been the same for years. He awakens early, listens to the news, may read from six a.m. until eight, and then write from eight until one. Later this became from nine until two-thirty.…

… Lunch was between half past two and three, in the Spanish style. When he awoke from his siesta at four, he read and listened to music. He always listens to music, he says, “except when I’m writing because I attend to it more than to what I’m writing.”

While he was working on Love in the Time of Cholera, and they lived by the sea in Cartagena, Mercedes [his wife] packed a lunch and went to the beach and waited for him there with friends. She did not inform him who would be present on a given say, so he never knew whom to expect, an experience he enjoyed. After lunch he had a siesta and then went out into the streets “to look for places where my characters would go, to talk to people and pick up language and atmosphere. So the next morning I would have fresh material I had brought from the streets.”

—Joan Mellen, Literary Masters: Gabriel García Márquez