The Squeaky Bookworm Gets Some Grease

A while back I read an interesting article at the Christian Science Monitor online about how Finland’s generous social welfare system had revolutionized its economy. I was dismayed, however, by the caption on a table comparing maternity benefits in different countries. The caption read: “Want months of paid leave? Have a baby.”

Now, I am not a mother myself but I know enough to know that having a baby can in no way be described as a holiday! So I politely chastised the editor by e-mail and, although I never got a response, the caption has been changed! And at the bottom of the article is this note (originally in light grey):


Production error, huh? I expected a tad more accountability from the CSM but at least they “edited” the offensive remark and hopefully learned not to mess with motherhood!


4 comments on “The Squeaky Bookworm Gets Some Grease

  1. Julie says:

    Way to go, Sylvia! [sputtering with indignance for about 50 different reasons]

  2. Ella says:

    As the mother of an eight-month-old, I can safely say every other 'real' job I've ever had WAS a paid vacation compared to this. Thanks for squeaking, Sylvia!

  3. becky says:

    Atta grrrl, Syl! That's infuriating.

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