Attention (Canadian) Shoppers!

While shopping for some items from my dream library list I discovered that it can actually be cheaper to order from amazon US than from amazon Canada. (Ya, ya, I know, poor local booksellers, but I don’t shop at Sprawl-Mart, CrassCo, Slave-On-Foods, or Home Despot, so I think I break even in shopping ethics.)

I think the reason for the discrepancy is that the US dollar keeps dropping but is stuck with merchandise it bought when the US dollar was higher. As a result the US prices are now lower when converted to Canadian dollars. Check out the numbers:

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 150.50 102.00


Encyclopedia of World History 62.97 40.77


Oxford Bible Commentary 109.87 47.25


What about shipping and customs, you may ask? Well, I ordered the above tomes (one of which was simply not available in Canada) plus two big paperbacks (also cheaper down south), and the shipping was a mere $17.84 ($21.14 Canadian). Not free, but I’m still significantly ahead. And that’s not all. I haven’t received this hefty order yet, but my last order from (another book not available in Canada) was not subject to customs fees or GST. So that’s basically another 7% off (not that I have anything against paying my fair share of tax, but I don’t think books should be taxed anyway). And’s stock is more available. Books that might take 3-5 weeks to ship in Canada are shipped in 24 hours from the US.

So, Canucks, the next time you’re yearning for that new book smell, consider taking advantage of taking your business to our neighbours to the south.