Technology to the Rescue, Again

I wrote earlier about how technology had solved one of my reading problems, namely noisy neighbours. Now technology has solved another of my reading problems. It’s that time of year when temperatures start dropping and my mangled metabolism is failing to keep me warm when I am at a standstill (or sit-still, which is more often the case). It’s bad enough just being a tropical person at this latitude, but now CFS has finished off what was left of my circulation. And for some mysterious reason builders here insist on installing baseboard heaters under windows so that the greatest possible amount of heat can be lost before it gets to the home’s occupants. So rather than crank the heat and cause my rent to increase, or burn a forest of firewood in the woodstove, I spend most of the rainy season (i.e. winter) hunkered over my trusty space heater.

Late last spring my space heater died but due to the pleasant weather and sunshine I didn’t miss my little electricity-guzzling friend … until now. So I mozied on down to Canadian Tire and was surprised and delighted at how far space heater technology had advanced since I last shopped for such a device. Get this: they now come with remote controls! Be still my arrhythmic heart. And the model I bought has plenty to control: three heat settings plus fan, oscillation, a timer, and a thermostat you can set at the desired tropical temperature. It also turns off if it tips over, and has a built in surge protector. And to top it all off, it was on sale! Fifty percent off, no less, and I got the last one. Obviously the shopping gods were with me tonight.

So now I can look forward to a quiet and warm winter of reading and blogging. Sounds (and feels) good to me.

There is one personal comfort technology that doesn’t need much improvement, however, and that is my nocturnal companion, the hot water bottle. Check out this online virtual museum of hot water bottles from the Netherlands. There’s a real hot water bottle museum in Paris, but it lacks a web page. Quelle dommage.


4 comments on “Technology to the Rescue, Again

  1. deb says:

    You must have better a) technology or b) space heaters or c) both in Canada. I bought a space heater for our bedroom at the cabin for the cool fall nights and it's just a plain old space heater. I am not impressed with anythng it does. The choices were slim; they all looked the same. I am cold all year, what with summer air conditioning everywhere you go, especially offices, and depend on portable heaters.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I found my new heater on the store website.
    You have a cabin? I'm so jealous!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Space heaters have improved dramatically. I remember how dangerous they were when I was a kid. My husband and I bought one a few years ago, just a little one to warm the basement bedroom when in use, and it's great. It's ceramic and uses very little electricity, ocilliates like yours, has three speeds and turns off if tipped over. And it warms up really fast.
    May your toes and fingers stay blissfully warm this winter!

  4. deb says:

    AH!! The Candian Tire website has a variety of heaters. I feel warmer already. I do like the remote control feature one of them has. When you are all snuggly and warm, who wants to get up and turn it down OR if you are snuggling and chilly who wants to get up and turn it up? The first thing that appeared on the website is the SCOOTER!! I like that, too.

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