The Manchurian Bookworm

COLONEL: My God, where do you get all the books?

MARCO: Oh, I, uh… I got a guy picks ’em out for me.  At random. … He’s in, uh, San Francisco.  A little bookstore out there and, uh, he ships ’em to me wherever I happen to be stationed.

COLONEL: You’ve read them all?

MARCO: Yeah.  They also make great insulation against an enemy attack. But the truth of the matter is that I’m just interested, you know, in, uh, principles of modern banking and history of piracy, paintings of Orozco, modern French theatre, the jurisprudential factors of Mafia administration, diseases of horses and novels of Joyce Cary and ethnic choices of the Arabs — things like that.

Marco realizes he’s rambling.  The Colonel looks at him, concerned.  A long pause.



The Manchurian Candidate (from the screenplay)

The Colonel then orders Major Marco to take some sick leave so he can be crazy without bothering the department. Great movie (the original; I haven’t seen the recent version). Not one to watch before going to sleep, though. I don’t think I’ll be playing solitaire for a while.