“It’s not every day you see Sewell’s [Marina] trying to dock an oversize vessel.”

—Pub owner in Horseshoe Bay, B.C.



It looks worse than it is. Apparently the ferry lost power and ran aground as it drifted slowly into the marina. At this point it looks like are no injuries. Unless you count all the passsengers who will be forced to eat ferry food until the tide comes up and they can tow the thing into dock.


4 comments on “Understatement

  1. Are you a Vancouverite? I used to get the ferry to and from Bowen several times a week when I lived there. They were very lucky.

  2. Aha. Had I done my homework before I asked my question, I would have known you were an Islander!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Not only an Islander, but a secessionist! I think we should be our own province (as we once were) or even better, our own country. Of course I would be the Queen and impose ecoforestry, ban big box stores and stucco houses, and make everyone get an aromatherapy massage at least once a month. Prospective immigrants would have to pass an exam testing their knowledge of health food, camping, and meditation. The only question is what to call it. Douglas-Firlandia? Orcacia? Lower Wrangellia? (the latter describing our geological provenance) Any suggestions?

  4. deb says:

    I've just retruned from a lovely stay in Vancouver. didn't make it to the Island…but from I've heard you could call it Heaven. I will be back in October and hope to make the ferry ride to Victoria. We cruised by Vancouver Island from Ketchikan to Vancouver and it was AWESOME!!

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