You may have noticed some oddities here lately. I am discovering the joy of CSS and am toying around with my formatting here. Please bear with me while I get all my code sorted out. If your RSS reader can’t ignore updates you might want to unsubscribe for a day or two until this all blows over.

For more fun with CSS, check out Mandarin Design. Or, for all the technicalities, see the CSS2 Specifications.

UPDATE: The major machinations are over for now. The disappearing right side border is still a mystery but the sleuths at Typepad are working on it. Otherwise things are settled. I think I will dream in HTML tonight…


One comment on “Technicalities

  1. deb says:

    i am learning web design from a friend/programmer at Reuters–who has such amazing patience with my total ineptitude. He is helpig me with a website for an organization for whom i volunteer . i think i will work on the CSS — very cool things to know!

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