Ninth Century Monastic Commonplace Book

St. Paul Irish Codex

Lisa Laughy, online purveyor of Moleskine notebooks, shares her enthusiasm for a 9th century Irish monk’s commonplace book, the St. Paul Irish Codex, in M is for Medieval: or How the Irish Invented the Moleskine.

… in its own way, the St. Paul Irish Codex is a very well preserved example of the centuries-old need to organize one’s thoughts on the written page.… His interests, reflected in small fragments of an impressively wide range of subjects, reveal much when taken together as a whole. None of what he collected was written in the first person – all the words originally belonged to someone else – but collectively they became his own.


One comment on “Ninth Century Monastic Commonplace Book

  1. Suzi says:

    I fell in love with the idea of the commonplace book in ninth grade when a friend of my parents' introduced me to it and gave me a blank book to work with.
    I now keep mine on the computer, but I still enjoy it.

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