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SpringBark by Cara Schlesinger

About «SpringBark» (above):

“SpringBark,” a 366-page year-round gardener’s journal, incorporates natural material found in the woods around our house in the Catskills. Black cherry bark from a fallen branch covers the spine, its curve perfectly suited that of the springback’s deep rounding. The cherry bark is sewn to Davie board covered with hand-peeled, cured white birch bark, with headcaps formed of a layer of birch covering the spring itself. Because of the split-board construction, the birch covering the boards was first turned in at the spine edge so the covered boards could be sewn to the cherry, then the stiff card was inserted in the split boards and the bark turned in on the other three edges. The endsheets and flyleaves are made of white birch bark laminated first on paper covered with gold leaf, and then on the 1-ply Bristol used for the text block.

“SpringBark” is a prototype extrapolated from the English style, as described in Peter Verheyen. I have also read as many other descriptions of the style as I can. I have no formal training, though I have learned much at the Center for Book Arts in New York City, particularly from Barbara Mauriello, Carolyn Chadwick, and Emily Martin.

Cara Schlesinger, Faenwyl Bindery, Brooklyn, NY and Youngsville, NY, USA