Leaves of Gold

Leaves of Gold

Leaves of Gold: Treasures of Manuscript Illumination from Philadelphia Collections

From the Introduction:

Illuminated manuscripts are hand-produced books that include drawn, painted, and gilded decoration on pages made of vellum, a specially prepared and polished animal skin. The simplest manuscripts are adorned with calligraphic penwork dividing one paragraph of text from another. More lavish examples are embellished with historiated initials, enlarged and colorful letters that contain tiny representations of figures or biblical scenes.

Historically, illuminated manuscripts were produced by monks in monasteries. Beginning in the thirteenth century, an increasing
number were created by professional artisans working in commercial centers across Europe.

Leaves of Gold is organised into five sections that highlight several major types of medieval books: Bibles, Psalters, Books of Hours, Liturgical Manuscripts, and Literary Texts. This website shows two images from each book in the exhibition, the exhibited opening and an additional page from the book.

Leaves of Gold: The Annunciation


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